Monika Killer-Oberpfalzer

Monika Killer-Oberpfalzer, MD, PhD, is a fully trained neurosurgeon who is specialized in neurointerventional therapy. Her clinical skills and scientific interests are focused on diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and spinal vascular malformations.

Dr. Killer grew up in Vienna, Austria and graduated in 1993 as M.D. from the University of Vienna, Medical School. She received her license as Specialist in Neurosurgery from the Austrian Medical Chamber in 1999 and her International Diploma (MSc) for Neurovascular Diseases in 2002 from Université Paris Sud-Faculté de Médecine de BicĂȘtre. Parts of her training in Neuointerventional therapy were completed in New York with Prof. Alejandro Berenstein.

Since 2004, Prof. Killer-Oberpfalzer has been the attending Neurointerventionalist at Christian Doppler Clinic Salzburg, Austria. Since 2009 she is Associate Professor in Neurointervention at Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg and since 2011 she is Head of the Research Institute of Neurointervention at the Department of Neurology. 2016 she was appointed as Professor of Clinical Neurosciences at Paracelsus Medical University.

She is a peer reviewer for multiple international journals such as Stroke, AJNR, JNIS and Neuroradiology and part of the Editorial Review Board of Neurosurgery. Prof. Killer-Oberpfalzer is author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, has supervised a large number of Master- and PhD-students and served as Dean for Student Affairs at Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg.