The Cerebrovascular Research and Education Foundation (CREF) created an educational grant with the goal to allow young physicians, technologists and nurses from around the world to attend WLNC 2022 at Washington DC, USA on May 11-13. The selected physicians, technologists and nurses will be invited to Washington DC, USA. The grant will cover registration fees, accommodation and fixed amount as a contribution to your flight expenses.

Who can apply?

Physicians, technologists and nurses, currently in good standing on a neurovascular/endovascular fellowship who practice in a neuroendovascular and/or stroke team.

How to apply?

You can easily apply online. The online application will require the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Short CV
  • Letter from program director/supervisor endorsing the educational grant request and authorizing the time off to attend the conference.

* Please keep in mind that we have limited availability of grants and grants will be awarded in first come first serve basis to the candidates that submit the complete application.

We would like to thank you for your interest in the WLNC 2022 Educational Grant.

We hope to see you in the upcoming WLNC events.