Dear Friends,

The current COVID-19 crisis has urged us to take extraordinary measures. For the first time, WLNC will be held as an entirely virtual meeting during real time online live case broadcasting on 23-24 October 2020.

For WLNC, the science of finding solutions for patients with Cerebrovascular Diseases and continuity of training and education of physicians have always been in our DNA. Even in difficult times, the science remains our first priority. Exchanging scientific data and sharing novel insights cannot wait.

WLNC 2020 will be a unique VIRTUAL Interactive Experience during real time live case transmission.

We are not organizing a regular online meeting, webinar or a usual teleconference. We are committed to bring you the best quality images of Live Transmissions, using completely new internet high definition streaming technology that you will be able to watch from www.wlnc.org real time. We will continue to be the edge platform on education and treatment of Cerebrovascular Diseases as a part of our WLNC philosophy.

Cases will be operated and transmitted "LIVE". WLNC will be held in its original format from a virtual studio and discussions will be webcast real time. During the live cases, technical tips and tricks as well as the philosophy, indications and alternative treatment techniques will be discussed along with additional companion cases with the very experienced and attentive panelists /discussants from all over the world. Live transmissions will cover complex intracranial aneurysms treated with different approaches, AVMs and dural AVFs with transarterial multi-plug flow control techniques or transvenous approach and a variety of revascularization treatments.

The WLNC Virtual Edition will be free of charge to all stakeholders but online registration will be mandatory at www.wlnc.org. Whoever cannot attend the virtual show real time will be able to register and enjoy the recorded show any time as well.

Check our website and social media channels for updates. We are looking forward to see you in WLNC Live Virtual Experience.